Don’t let your friendships die of neglect

Friendtainer is a digital assistant which reminds you to contact your friends regularly

Friendtainer - Digital assistant that reminds you to contact your friends | Product Hunt

How much do you care about your friends?

Modern times are challenging for friendships. We all live super busy lives and it’s often too easy to neglect your friends. However, friendships require regular care. Studies show that friends who contact each other regularly form lasting relationships. Friendtainer makes sure that you reach out to your friends regularly.

This is especially important now, during the pandemic, when your friends need your support even more.

Set contact frequency

Decide how often do you want to meet with your friends.
Record future and past meetings to see how you're doing.

See who you should meet

See at a glance which friends need your attention the most. Friendtainer will calculate how much time you have until the next meeting.

Receive reminders

Get reminders to meet with friends straight to your phone (Android only) or email. Precisely control how often you'd like to be reminded. ​

Get friendship insights

Analyse long-term statistics to improve your relationships. See who you're meeting most often with and who you're consistently neglecting. ​

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  • Track meetings with friends
  • Friend happiness calculator
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  • Premium
  • $19.99 / year
  • Track meetings with friends
  • Friend happiness calculator
  • Email reminders
  • Push notification reminders
  • Friend and meeting statistics
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